Healthy Families Healthy Futures Society

Code of Ethics




Healthy Families Healthy Futures believes that guidelines and standards for workplace conduct are an integral component of sound operational practices, leading to an effective organization. HFHF strives to develop and maintain a pleasant, efficient, and fair work environment that fosters cooperation and understanding. In turn, HFHF expects its employees and volunteers to demonstrate ethical behaviour, cooperation, self-discipline, efficiency, and productivity.


Workplace shall include the places that HFHF employees and volunteers conduct their business including the offices and places that HFHF rents or leases and the community venues and private homes and vehicles in which HFHF business is conducted.



Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest arises when a person participates in a decision about a matter (including any contract or arrangement of employment, leasing, sale, or provision of goods and services) which may benefit, or be seen to benefit, that person because of his/her direct or indirect monetary or financial interests affected by, or involved in, that matter. It is the duty of any person taking part in the operations of HFHF to adhere to the Conflict of Interest Policy at all times. In the event that such a matter arises, the person shall formally disclose the interest, refrain from attempting to persuade or influence other persons participating in the decision, and shall not cast any vote on the matter.

Gifts, Gratuities, Fees, or Other Personal Benefits

Information, Knowledge, and Use of Resources

Outside Employment, Consultation, or Business Activity

Alcohol and illegal or prescription drugs

Compliance with the Code of Ethics